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Some 80 years after one of history's greatest archaeological finds, the complete records and photographs of Howard Carter's excavation of King Tutankhamun's tomb are being made available online. This impressive site includes diary entries, a database of artifact photos, and more.


Yeah, yeah, it's a jungle out there all right, and that's just your backyard. This aesthetically appealing site encourages young people to post photos and artworks revealing the rich blend of flora and fauna to be found right outside their doors.

For everyone who coasted through the '70s and '80s daydreaming over the first digital watches, boomboxes and other personal electronics innovations, this site will be a sweet stroll down memory lane. Also check out 'magical gadgets' such as a handheld football game and Fischer-Price's PXL video camera.


Terrorists. Technology threatening to run amok. Things on planet Earth seem to have hit bottom, which has led the enterprising people at the Lifeboat Foundation to aim for the stars. Check out images and animations of the space 'Arks' on which they plan to spirit away the kinder, gentler members of society.

Renew your friendship with Aquaman, Apache Chief and Wonder Woman among others via this strangely compelling online tribute to Challenge of the SuperFriends, the cartoon that raised an entire generation of latchkey lads and lasses.

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