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I Nominate Glenn Reynolds

I mean, he's the perfect amalgam of Warren Buffet, Ray Kurzweil, and Bill Joy. But he also has a certain timeless, heroic quality putting us in mind of the great ones who have come before. If anybody is going to save the planet, it's him.

Plus, in the movie, Angelina Jolie could play Dr. Helen.


I don't know if they're taking nominations, but Glenn is definitely the guy.

Also, I'm not just anybody saying this. I was offered a slot on the Lifeboat Foundation's Scientific Advisory Board. That's right. Offered. Unfortunately, I never got around to sending them a bio. Still, you know...that's something.

BTW, while you're at the Lifeboat Foundation site, stick around a while. Read some of the stuff. This is an important outfit. Oh, and don't forget to drop Glenn a line and let him know he's the guy.


"Plus, in the movie, Angelina Jolie could play Dr. Helen."

To hell with that. I want to see Dr. Helen play Angelina Jolie.

Absolutely. I hear Dr. Helen Smith accidentally kicked Chuck Norris into a coma while sparring last week, while writing two chapters of her new book. That heart operation? That was a cover story--they installed magamps and servos and stuff. She's like Captain America, but with a blender in her torso that has a special setting for hobos or something.

Andie McDowell and Angelina Jolie are rumored to have had a catfight over the role. There's a YouTube to prove it!

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