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February 1, 2003
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Lifeboat Foundation
"Safeguarding Humanity"
Interview with Eric Klien, Part II

On August 31, 2002, Space N Stuff published an interview with Mr. Eric Klien, Founder and President of Lifeboat Foundation: "The Lifeboat Foundation.... A matter of Life and Death."

A follow-up interview was promised, and finally, we are able to present this to you.

Briefly, as a mini-refresher course, the purpose of Lifeboat Foundation is to research technology in a serious effort to build vehicles, or "Arks" that will house permanent residents, away from Earth. In essence, self-sustaining colonies would be established, one at a time, in an effort to provide an insurance policy protecting Humanity from extinction.

Space N Stuff: Welcome back Mr. Klien. We had not forgotten you, however "life" and unforeseen circumstances have a way of placing bumps in the road, please accept our apology for the excessive delay.

We have ventured to your website and find quite a few additions and changes. We found information regarding Membership as well as Sponsors supporting your goals. Mr. Klien, has this addition been successful in spreading the word about Lifeboat Foundation?

Mr. Klien:  Due to the importance of our cause, over 50 companies have offered discounts to Lifeboat Foundation members.   And that's not all, companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Sun have offered to match their employee's membership fees and donations to the foundation.   With that kind of support, we grow stronger every day.

Space N Stuff: As respects the Timeline, could you bring us up to date on how your goals for 2004 are progressing?

"SHORT-TERM GOALS (BY 2004) Educate the public to coming dangers and promote our efforts to preserve life in the future. Encourage the public to participate in solutions to reduce the threat of terrorism. Encourage advancements in space technology. One example: increase X-Prize cash "award."

Mr. Klien: Our recent press has been in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Russian.   We are being covered worldwide.

We are now encouraging the public to use the excess CPU cycles on their computers to help the Smallpox Research Grid Project, a joint research effort to identify candidates for developing new drugs that, for the first time, would combat the smallpox virus post-infection.

We are currently analyzing grant requests to fund projects that will encourage advancements in space technology. The grant request most under consideration is an electromagnetic (EM) launch competition, in which entrants design and build small-scale EM launchers that boost gliders.

Space N Stuff: Your plans include the first functioning space colonies by the year 2020. A lottery will be used to determine those who will be able to participate. Mr. Klien, will those designated to be included, have to pay for their "ticket to ride" or is the trip courtesy of Lifeboat? How much would a lottery ticket be? Other than winning your Lottery, are there other requirements as to how potential people will be accepted? Any emphasis on male, female, race, etc.?

Mr. Klien: Like the current large multistate lotteries, our tickets would go for a dollar or so.   Lotteries will obviously include the cost of going to the space station.   There will also be scholarships as well as simple pay-to-board options.

People who don't pass our security screening would not be allowed onboard.   So someone on death row could not join us simply because they won a Lifeboat lottery!   (They could give their winning ticket to someone else, of course.) Medical status would not disqualify someone unless the person had a highly contagious disease or was too frail to survive the journey to the space station. Financial status would not disqualify a scholarship or lottery winner.

Space N Stuff: Since our last talk, many developments in the horrors of terrorism have escalated. In addition, we have been advised here in The United States, that progress is being made, albeit at a snail's pace at times, in capturing those responsible. It is very possible that an all-out war may blossom shortly with Iraq. Factions connected to the attack on the USA in September 2001, appear to be honing their skills to the point of extreme concern. Without placing a political slant on our discussion, do you honestly feel that Ark I and the technology vital to its success, will arrive in time to fulfill your goals?

Mr. Klien: Though many lives may be lost to upcoming war, Lifeboat
Foundation is concentrating on reaching its goals before terrorism becomes technologically advanced enough to cause total annihilation.

As Bob Woodward reported in his book Bush at War:  "The president and his team had found that protecting and sealing the U.S. homeland was basically impossible. Even with heightened security and the national terrorist alerts, the country was only marginally safer."

If you check our "World News Section" you will see that just in the past year there have been two "terrorist" attacks that killed or injured over 100 people per attack that were committed by people who simply wanted to commit suicide because they were depressed. To stop such "terrorists" would mean that the war on terrorism would have to expand from fighting a couple thousand terrorist groups to fighting against all six billion people on the planet.   A very daunting task!

Threats are increasing and many of our goals are going to take years to accomplish, but we have nothing to lose by trying.

Space N Stuff: On February 1, 2003, the world wept as Columbia and her Crew perished, as she exploded over Texas. The concept of Space Tourism appears to have been scarred by this. NASA has grounded the entire Shuttle Fleet, pending investigation. The International Space Station is potentially facing its most critical time. Nations are counting their pennies. How does the 'fear factor' effect your efforts?

Mr. Klien: Actually NASA will get significantly increased funding due to this disaster.   Who knows, maybe they will even try to do something more exciting than circling the Earth?   Visiting Mars would be pretty exciting!

Space N Stuff: Perhaps my hormones are working overtime, but your
comments in our prior interview regarding the number of people limited to 1,000 per Ark still concern me. Since the family unit as we know here, will not apply, do you really feel that people will 'bond' and trust and cooperate? Not having an entire family included, based on your lottery system, seems to me to tear apart those left behind and encourage dissension onboard your Arks. Could you elaborate?

Mr. Klien: We've created boarding options that will make it possible for families to join the station's population.  For example, the lottery would give the winner the option to pick three people to accompany them who would probably be family members.

Ideally, there would be more than one space station created.   This would open up the possibility for even more families to be rescued.

Mr. Klien? Feel free to add whatever you wish, and thank you again, for your patience and your valuable time!
Nancy, Director of Operations, Editor

We have nearly completed phase 4, the technical credibility, of our ARK I design.   Within a month, our efforts will be presented on the website. We encourage your readers to view this project's many phases.

Also, Lifeboat Foundation would like to thank the many scientists, corporations, and members who are enabling us to move forward with the enormous task of ensuring that humanity survives the 21st century!

Eric Klien,
Founder and President
Lifeboat Foundation

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