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The hardest part about gaining any new idea is sweeping out the false idea occupying that niche. As long as that niche is occupied, evidence and proof and logical demonstration get nowhere. But once the niche is emptied of the wrong idea that has been filling it - once you can honestly say, I don't know, then it becomes possible to get at the truth.
--Robert A. Heinlein

Up leaps the race of Earthmen,/Out, far, and onward yet--
--Robert A. Heinlein The Green Hills of Earth

Knock-Knock Who's there? Armageddon Armageddon who? Armageddon tired of all these knock-knock jokes!
--Robert A. Heinlein Farnham's Freehold

May you live as long as you wish and love as long as you live.
--Robert A. Heinlein Time Enough for Love. (He may have gotten it elsewhere.)

Women will forgive anything. Otherwise, the race would have died out long ago.
--Robert A. Heinlein

Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.
--Robert A. Heinlein

Be wary of strong drink. It can make you shoot at tax collectors... and miss.
--Robert A. Heinlein

Does history record any case in which the majority was right?
--Robert A. Heinlein

Being right too soon is socially unacceptable.
--Robert A. Heinlein

The Earth is just too small and fragile a basket for the human race to keep all its eggs in.
--Robert A. Heinlein

The truth of a proposition has nothing to do with its credibility. And vice versa.
--Robert A. Heinlein

To stay young requires unceasing cultivation of the ability to unlearn old falsehoods.
--Robert A. Heinlein

You live and learn. Or you don't live long.
--Robert A. Heinlein

When the need arises - and it does - you must be able to shoot your own dog.
--Robert A. Heinlein

A committee is a life form with six or more legs and no brain.
--Robert A. Heinlein

An armed society is a polite society.
--Robert A. Heinlein, "Beyond This Horizon" (1948)

To be matter of fact about the world is to blunder into fantasy--and dull fantasy at that--as the real world is strange and wonderful.
--Robert A. Heinlein

Never try and teach a pig to sing: it's a waste of time, and it annoys the pig.
--Robert A. Heinlein Time Enough for Love

Anyone who cannot cope with mathematics is not fully human. At best he is a tolerable subhuman who has learned to wear shoes, bathe and not make messes in the house.
--Lazarus Long, "Time Enough for Love", (Robert A. Heinlein)

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